Right here’s Proof That Field Braids Are the Most Versatile Protecting Fashion

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Field braids are a timeless staple within the arsenal of Black woman hairstyles. Whether or not you are two or 102, nothing beats the sensation of first seeing your hair within the neatly parted plaits. Whereas the hair look is principally worn as a protecting type, its enchantment doesn’t cease there. Field braids can add size and even a trendy flare to your outfit — all whereas tucking your curls away to maintain them protected and wholesome. “Braids are protective because they shield the dry ends of the natural hair within the braid,” shares Ellen Marmur, MD, a New York Metropolis-based board-certified dermatologist.

Should you’re unfamiliar with the type, field braids are created by sectioning pure hair into equal-sized elements, normally formed like a field (therefore the title). These sections are then joined with extensions and braided into field braids. Regardless of the title, field braids may also have triangle elements and might tackle different geometric shapes.

As versatile as field braids will be, it’s simple to get overwhelmed with simply what number of methods there are to put on them — and the record solely continues to develop. This yr, spinoffs of the appear to be goddess braids (a revamped tackle ‘90s pick-and-drop braids) and flip-over braids hit the scene, proving that there are still new iterations of box braids to be discovered.

If you’ve gotten tired of simply throwing your braids over your shoulders or up in a ponytail, we’ve bought you. Forward, the freshest methods to put on field braids.

Boho Braids

Instagram / @Jordyn Woods

Instagram / @Ryandestiny

Goddess braids are one of many trendiest braided hairstyles proper now and we are able to see why. Merely weaving free tendrils of curly hair into field braids offers you a complete new, completely undone look. Celebrities together with Jordyn Woods, Ryan Future, and Michelle Obama have all been seen rocking the type this yr. You’ll want to use human hair because it’s “extra versatile and fewer harsh for this type,” says Los Angeles-based hairstylist Larry Sims.

Field Braids — With A Bang

Getty Pictures

Instagram / @Camrihewie

It’s no easy feat to create bangs out of box braids — the look involves expertly wrapping box braids around themselves or employing cornrows to create fringes. Content creators Yolande Macon and Camri Hewie managed to do so with style. You’ll definitely want to call up your stylist for this one, whether you’re going for Macon’s braided bangs or Hewie’s wrap-around style that creates the illusion of curtain bangs.

Bead It Up

Instagram / @Emilychengmakeup

Instagram / @slayedinbraids

This nostalgic hairstyle will bring a child-like joy back into box braids. Play around with different-colored and -shaped beads to add a fun detail to your look. Yara Shahidi uses gold and pink beads on her collarbone length braids, while New York City-based braider Helena Koudou went for a more neutral look on her client who requested bob box braids with beads. No matter what length or color of beads you opt for, this look is sure to leave a stylish impression.

Flip Over Braids

Instagram / @aceoflengths

Instagram / @aceoflengths

Despite the clean lines and angles, we promise you didn’t need to pass geometry class to nail this look. You do, however, need to be an expert braider. Flip-over braids are the newest box braids style on the block and it’s as intricate as it looks. The style combines cornrows and box braids (and curly pieces if you want to add a boho flare) for an eye-catching look.

Bantu Knots Braids

Instagram / Jackieaina

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Wrapping your box braids into cute little Bantu knots is an easy way to spice your protective style. Take a page from Marsai Martin’s book and put the front half of your box braids into bantu knots for a cute half-up half-down style. Or follow Jackie Aina’s lead and cover your whole head in braided bantu knots for a standout look.

Claw Clip It Up

Instagram / @camrihewie

Instagram / @camrihewie

Claw-clipped braided hairstyles have been super popular on TikTok, and for good reason: It’s a versatile look that incorporates an accessory that can match your outfit. Using your clip of choice, secure your box braids into an elegant bun or wear half of them up.

Half Up Braids

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Instagram / @kyranikole

Bored of your look? You can always count on a half-up half-down moment to pull you out of a hairstyle rut. Whether you gather half of your braids into a cute top knot or a curly messy bun, it’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Messy Bun

Instagram / @salemmitchell

Instagram / Jordynwoods

The classic throw-it-up-and-go messy bun looks even better with box braids, especially ones with curly ends. Leave a few tendrils sticking out for an even more effortless look.

Jumbo Braid

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Instagram / @camrihewie

Whether side-swept or bundled behind, gathering your box braids into one giant plait is a simple way to make a statement. Not only do you get a main character look, but your braids are tucked away from your face, making this style perfect for days when you want to highlight your features.

Sky High Ponytail

Getty Pictures

Getty Images

The higher the hair, the closer to… however you’d finish the sentence, there’s no denying that this high ponytail on box braids is as sleek as it gets. The look snatches your cheekbones and shows off the intricate pattern of your braids. Make sure to lay your edges to really pull the style together.

Top Knot

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Instagram / @Justineskye

When in doubt, knot it out — or rather up. Top knots are an elegant way to style your box braids. The spiral pattern of the knot creates a pretty detail that complements any look. You can create a tight top knot à la Zoe Kravitz or a loose knot with a few wispy tendrils peeking out like Justine Sky.

Curly Ponytail

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Instagram / @alissa.ashley

This bouncy curly box braid ponytail will put a pep in your step — or at least make you want to keep your braids in for another week. For this style, opt for human hair at the ends to avoid tangling.

Side Part Braids

Getty Pictures

Getty Images

Switching up your part can freshen up your entire look and this is especially true for box braids. Both Zendaya and Jhene Aiko believe this philosophy; their knockout red carpet looks are all the proof we need.

Undercut with Braids

Getty Pictures

Getty Images

Zoë Kravitz and Lupita Nyong’o always give major hair envy, especially in this side-shaved box braids hairstyle. This edgy look proves that box braids can be incorporated into just about any haircut you already have.

Fishtail Braid

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Instagram / @naivashaintl

Mermaidcore was a major trend in 2023 and nothing says siren beauty like a fishtail braid. Storm Reid has perfected box braids fishtail. On the left, her honey blonde box braids are wrapped into a jumbo fishtail and embellished with silver rings, while the second look actually creates a box braid look out of smaller individual fishtail braids — so innovative.

Braided Updo

Getty Pictures

Getty Images

Have a special occasion coming up? Wrap and twist your box braids into a polished updo for an elegant look. Zoë Kravitz wrapped her micro braids into a folded mohawk while Danai Gurira bundled up her box braids into an intricate bun complete with gold adornments.

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