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Keratin Vs texture launch: Which non permanent hair therapy is healthier for loosening curls?

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Keratin therapies – probably the most well-known being the Brazillian blow dry – are most identified for being non permanent straightening therapies lasting round three months. At age 19, that is precisely what I used to be in quest of, I used to be advised the therapy would clean out my hair, making it simpler to blow-dry and straighten. So, I dedicated a large £99 of my pupil finances (justified as £1 a day) and off I went to the hair salon.

Funnily sufficient, after I acquired the therapy, I practically stopped straightening my hair altogether. You see my fluffy, tight spirals dropped into free silky waves and large curls, I beloved them. I had the size, the swish, and the manageability from occasional straightening, however saved the feel and curl that felt like me. Plus, there have been no hours of arduous straightening, and no dried-out hair. Trying again, I can see that texturism (bias in favour of looser, softer curl patterns) was most actually at play right here, however its influence turned out constructive in the long run.

Over the next few months, my curls would slowly return to their authentic state and I’d be joyful to see them again, after which, when the temper struck, I’d return for the therapy once more. As confidence in my curls grew, the therapies turned much less and fewer frequent, until there have been years in between and ultimately, I simply stopped.

2018 Keratin therapy: Earlier than

a woman with curly hair

2018 Keratin therapy: After (This was the loosest lead to my years of the therapy).

If somebody tells me they’re struggling to embrace their curly hair, or are debating happening the straightening path, I’ve at all times prompt a keratin therapy as a midway home. It is also a substitute for decisions like relaxers or texturisers, which may completely alter the hair construction and curl sample. For me, the feel play I acquired from keratin therapies was a giant half in my studying to really feel scorching with out straight hair, and was one thing I’d flip to to really feel higher when the arrogance I had in my curls dipped, or if I discovered myself straightening lots. It was a crutch on the trail to curve acceptance.

After years of leaving my hair to do its factor, I just lately determined to e book a keratin therapy once more, and revisit these looser curls (I will be trustworthy, this choice was closely influenced by the necessity to conceal a horrible haircut because it grew out – however that is a narrative for one more day).

After I shared my plans with a colleague, she requested why I did not go for a texture launch as a substitute? (A therapy that is really designed for such a function.)

After chatting together with her, it sounded to me just like the outcomes of a texture launch can be similar to these of a keratin therapy. So, I spoke to Hair Stylist, Pashcan’el Mitchell, from Blue Tit Salons to get all of the knowledgeable particulars on the distinction between the 2, and to seek out out as soon as and for all, which is healthier…

What’s a keratin therapy?

First issues first, let’s return to the fundamentals. “A keratin treatment is a smoothing and straightening treatment that helps reduce frizz and allows your blow-dry to last longer, as well as make the hair more manageable,” says Pash, explaining; “It involves applying a keratin-based solution and sealing it in with heat. This treatment can be a good option for those looking to achieve versatility with your hair, allowing you to wear your hair straight or wear your natural texture. Over time it will fade out of your hair.”

How a lot do keratin therapies change your hair texture?

Pash says; “It’s important to note that the effectiveness of any keratin treatment, can vary depending on factors such as hair type, condition, and the specific product used.”

However he additionally defined that there are two basic teams:

  • Straightening keratin treatments are designed to primarily relax and straighten curly or wavy hair, providing a sleek and smooth finish. They are more intensive and tend to result in a very straight look.”
  • Defrizzing keratin treatments, on the other hand, focus on reducing frizz and improving manageability while maintaining some of the natural texture. They are milder compared to straightening treatments and are ideal for those who want to keep some of their natural curl or wave pattern while minimizing frizz.”

It was the straightening sort (which incorporates the Brazillian blow dry) that gave me massive curls and a clean wavy texture, whereas defrizzing choices made my hair silkier and solely dropped the hair into looser spiral curls. Keratin programs fluctuate, so it’s necessary to be clear and talk about along with your stylist what you’re seeking to obtain, and the way lengthy for, notably for those who’re seeking to preserve your curls.

No matter possibility you select, keratin therapies provide the choice to put on a glossy, shiny straight look every now and then, for those who do select to straighten your curls.

a girl with a keratin treatment holding a bottlepinterest

My keratin-treated hair when straightened.

What’s a texture launch?

Not like a texturiser (a milder type of relaxer), texture releases are non permanent, lasting round three months, and they don’t use dangerous chemical compounds or harm the hair.

“The Texture Release treatment system offers versatility for textured hair. Unlike a keratin system, texture release is a moisture-based, heat-activated treatment, giving you complete control. With options for elongation, versatility, and optimum results, you can tailor the treatment to your client’s desires and hair texture,” says Pash. “This system not only extends the life of your blowouts but also aids in managing your hair’s texture, taming frizz, and providing the flexibility to wear your hair curly or straight.”

Does a keratin therapy obtain the identical outcomes as a texture launch?

So, it seems my use for a Kertatin therapy was completely legitimate, and secure to make use of to change your hair texture. Whereas it felt like I would invented utilizing it this manner, in fact, others had been doing the identical. Sure, some keratin programs are designed for such a function, however it’s not fairly the identical as a texture launch.

In accordance with Pash; “It’s possible to achieve similar results with a keratin treatment, but it may not be an exact match to a texture release. The outcome depends on the specific type of keratin product the salon uses and your client’s hair type.”

While I was somewhat blindly hoping for the best with my keratin treatments – not knowing exactly what my curls would look like each time – a texture release gives the stylist more control to create a specific texture or pattern.

So what’s better for temporarily altering your curl pattern?

That really depends; “Choosing the right treatment for your hair is an important decision. It ultimately hinges on your client’s desired outcome and their unique hair texture,” says Pash. “For newcomers to these treatments, I’d recommend considering the texture release. It stands out in the market due to its exceptional control and choice, catering to all hair types with its moisture-based approach supplemented by proteins. On the other hand, there are numerous keratin systems available, each designed to deliver specific results for particular hair types. The effectiveness of these can vary depending on the salon and brand used.”

So in short, you can use either. Keratin treatments are more accessible as they are offered widely, but you have more control over the exact curl pattern with a texture release.

Of course, over-use or badly performed treatments of either can cause damage to the hair. The one decision that’s more important than which you choose, is who you choose – so be sure to select a well-trained, well-informed stylist you can trust.

What costs more, a keratin treatment or a texture release?

While prices vary hugely between different salons and different stylists (expect anywhere from £150- £350), they typically cost around the same price as each other.

Which takes longer?

A keratin treatment will have you in the salon for around 2 hours and 30 minutes, whereas a texture release can take closer to 3 hours. So neither one is a quick option; books and snacks are recommended!

What lasts longer, a keratin treatment or a texture release?

Both treatments last around 12 weeks depending on the system used, the care taken, hair type, lifestyle, and how well it was performed.

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