Black girls turning to protecting styling for his or her hair

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Picture courtesy: Nicole York

For hundreds of years, Black girls have been experimenting with chemical compounds and elements to type their hair. 

There are numerous totally different hairstyles which are in style within the Black group which are inventive and important to the expansion of kinky hair varieties.

There are ongoing myths about Black hair such because it doesn’t develop, it isn’t “tamable” and it isn’t deemed skilled in its pure state. 

Regardless, Black girls have taken the initiative to manage how the world perceives their hair.

Hair styling shouldn’t be merely for expressing creativity; it’s a methodology of safety from extreme manipulation and the forces of nature.

In accordance with Andre Walker’s hair kind system, kind 3 hair is a free curl texture and sort 4 hair is a kinky zig-zag texture. 

These hair varieties are extra liable to breakage as a result of much less sebum is produced from the scalp, which coats the strand and prevents it from drying out.

Protecting styling is an distinctive approach to encourage size retention, retain moisture and preserve a stretched state for simpler styling.

Brooke Dixon, a Full of life Tech cosmetology pupil and proprietor of Robin’s Fingers, believes that protecting styling is an historic custom that has developed in superb methods.

“In African cultures braids were a symbol or representation of rank, marital status and showed one’s overall status in the community. Hair has always been important to Black people because it is deeper than just styling,” Dixon mentioned.

Pure hair was not deemed skilled or conventionally enticing till the 2010s, when the “big chop era” started. Embracing one’s pure hair texture and abandoning the tough chemical compounds present in relaxers turned a brand new pattern and the beginning of the pure hair revolution. 

A 2020 College of Michigan research discovered about 80% of Black girls say they modify their hair from its pure state as a result of they take into account it important to social and financial success.

I’Yunni Phillips, a  leasing supervisor and TCC pupil, mentioned that protecting kinds have at all times been part of her life due to her hair texture.

“The style does exactly what the name says, protect your hair. Many girls struggle with finding a way for their style to look appealing, and that is where our creativity comes into play. We take an unconventional style and own it,” she mentioned. 

Protecting kinds are perfect for the one that is on the go and lives a busy life stuffed with duties and to-do lists.

“I prefer protective styles because I am a busy person, and I do not have much time to tend to my hair. Protective styles really benefit me because it is easy, I do not have to worry about what my hair looks like on a day-to-day basis,” Phillips added.

From braids to Bantu knots or two strand twists, the choices are infinite relating to deciding on the right type for you. The advantages assist within the general wellness of 1’s hair relying on the upkeep of the type.

Jeanne Joseph, a hair stylist and TCC pupil, thinks that protecting kinds are nice if the pure hair is being taken care of correctly.

“I do think protective styles can lead to growth for kinkier hair types. However, if the hair underneath the style is not being taken care of it defeats the purpose. The proper maintenance includes washing your hair consistently and moisturizing the hair aside from oiling the scalp. When I follow these steps to promote hair growth then I do notice a difference,”

Protecting kinds is usually a type of self-expression and supply your hair with the protection it must develop wholesome and powerful. The query is: Which one will you strive subsequent?

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